LBIA Supports Local News and Events by bringing back the Lantzville Log

The members of LBIA recognize that the Lantzville Log should be an important part of keeping the community informed about local news, events and issues. They also believe that it is important for this to be a community effort rather than an individual effort of a few individuals.

The members of the LBIA approached the members of the Lantzville Log Society who own the rights to the Lantzville Log name and related uses proposing to attempt to revive the Lantzville Log. The Log Society members agreed.

There is no guarantee that the Log will continue unless the community believes in it and is willing to support it. This support can come in many forms such as:
1) Financial through advertising/donations
2) Content through submission of writing such as local stories and profiles
3) Letters to the Lantzville Log- See page 4 for submission guidelines

One of the ideas for future issues includes a “Point-Counterpoint”segment for local issues to ensure that there is the opportunity for spokespeople for various viewpoints get equal and balanced coverage in our local paper.

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Lantzville Business Improvement Association

Welcome to the new home of the Lantzville Business Improvement Association. We are just setting up and deciding on a theme so please watch this site for upcoming changes. In the meantime, please get onto our emailing list by adding your name and email in the area on the right of this page.

Upcoming items include membership information and project goals.